Luminent is a value-added partner of CartoPac for critical energy infrastructure

With proven software and technical expertise, CartoPac helps businesses to manage the risks and regulatory compliance associated with installing, operating, and maintaining field assets. This is accomplished by implementing a complete enterprise system to accurately record the location, description, and condition of field assets, to manage and track the inspection and maintenance of these assets, and to document the interventions with assets for operational efficiency, safety, and reporting.

Luminent helps energy companies integrate and utilize data to enhance compliance, risk assessment, and value.

Proven Mobile Solutions – High-Value Results

CartoPac International delivers a complete suite of enterprise mobile software applications that enable companies to effectively collect and manage their field asset data. With one single mobile technology, companies can now support true cross-platform solutions with robust configuration tools to meet their diverse data collection and inspection needs. We partner with companies to deploy mobile solutions that are readily adopted by field users, support the complexities of the assets and related infrastructure, and deliver high-value data that is leveraged across the organization. We have the team, technology, tools, and expertise to partner with you for mobile solutions that start generating results now!

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Know your greatest risk
Minimize costs
Optimize capital allocation
Retain value and reputation
Improve regulatory compliance

Creating value from regulatory compliance

Regulatory Accelerator

Better data means better value

The Regulatory Accelerator prepopulates mandatory Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) report forms and performs quality checks. Common data are automatically populated in each form, speeding the process and reducing the chances of data entry errors. Report data are cross-checked against known pipeline parameters and previously-reported data, improving the quality and accuracy of the data. Custom system reports are created to allow state reporting, manage workflow, enhance risk analytics and better allocate capital. The Regulatory Accelerator:


Reduces cost of report preparation
Minimizes data errors
Integrates with Enterprise GIS
Protects privileged information
Creates custom facility reports for management
Enhances management visibility of risk, compliance and capital allocation data

Value and Benefits of Regulatory Accelerator

Year-round access to reliable data
Information and processes are consistent despite staff turnover
Publicly available data are quality checked
Greater confidence in filing
Reduced liability with PHMSA
Auditing processes embedded in workflow process

Advanced Performance Metrics

Automatic calculation of required metrics
Eased data acquisition and improved data reliability
Time-based trend analyses
Improved visibility of operational data
Consistency of data and analytics
Comparison of metrics among individual assets and for entire system
Thresholds based on national statistics and company-specific goals

Flowline Mapping and Safety

Tiered Services to Meet your Needs

Partnering with CartoPac, Luminent offers mobile applications and enterprise systems to accurately record the location, description and condition of flowlines and other upstream field assets, to manage and track inspection and maintenance, and to document field work performed to ensure the safety and to comply with reporting requirements. Whether you need a complete solution or just GIS hardware or something in between, Luminent has a solution to help you efficiently manage flowlines and related inspection requirements.

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Additional Information

Luminent's Regulatory Accelerator [PDF]

Luminent Intelligent Analytics [PDF]

Flow Line Mapping & Inspection [PDF]

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Luminent Team

  • Scott Crouch

    Mr. Crouch is the CEO of Luminent and is directing the development of Luminent’s software solution platform. He has a background in technology solutions, including software development and I.T. integration and specializes in comprehensive solutions for the pipeline industry including data integrity, enterprise integration, and cloud deployment. He has worked extensively with prominent oil and gas operators to build and deploy robust platforms for spatial data collection and quality control, with a focus on data-rich systems that link the back end business with the day to day operations of the pipeline field. Mr. Crouch worked for the Bureau of Land Management and Hewlett-Packard before co-founding CartoPac International, Inc. in 2000. He received his BS in Electrical Engineering from Colorado State University.

  • Heidi Tillquist

    Ms. Tillquist is the COO of Luminent and one of the key developers of Luminent software solutions. Concurrently, she also is Stantec's Director of Oil and Gas Risk Management. She has over 26 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and has worked throughout North America. Ms. Tillquist specializes in risk assessment, management, and communication, with an in-depth understanding both the engineering and environmental aspects of oil and gas projects. Her breadth of knowledge and ability to effectively communicate between diverse stakeholders has resulted in successful completion of highly complex and controversial projects. She has conducted numerous risk assessments both for regulatory agencies and the oil and gas industry and she provides technical expertise in all life cycle phases. She routinely provides expert witness support for oil and gas clients regarding releases of petroleum hydrocarbons into the environment.

  • Jeff Rauh

    Jeff Rauh is the VP of Marketing and Industry Relations for Luminent. Jeff’s background includes broad experience in regulatory and public affairs associated with different types of critical infrastructure including pipelines, electric generation and transmission, local energy distribution and nuclear facilities. With a background that includes military service and leadership, Jeff is adept at understanding and communicating effectively about complex systems and processes.

  • Walter Brandhuber

    Mr. Brandhuber is a senior executive and trusted partner with an MBA, JD, rare market acumen, and numerous deal making, capital raising, M&A, and joint venture successes. He has close connections to top US, European, and Middle East money families and capital sources. Mr. Brandhuber also originated, negotiated, and closed deals in more than 40 markets, including direct involvement with foreign governments, Middle East finance houses, boards of directors, shareholders, institutional money managers, investment banks, and private equity firms.

    Mr. Brandhuber developed strategy for a $1 billion Millennium Global Energy Fund as well as multibillion-dollar deal pipeline of upstream, mid-stream, and downstream projects in the Middle East and Africa for Millennium Private Equity.

  • Jonathan Cahn

    Mr. Cahn is a Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor for Luminent. He is an international lawyer with broad experience in cross-border transactions (equity and debt), public international law, international trade and trade litigation, compliance, and international arbitration, and is qualified to practice in the US and as a solicitor in the United Kingdom. For more than 20 years, he has represented some of the world's leading investors making cross-border investments in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, North America, Russia and Central Asia.

    Mr. Cahn has been featured in the Chambers Guides to the World's Leading Lawyers, The International Who's Who of Oil & Gas Lawyers, The Euromoney Guide to the World's Leading Energy and Natural Resources Lawyers, and The Euromoney Guide to the World's Leading Project Finance Lawyers. During his tenure at predecessor law firms, he has served as managing partner of Beijing, Moscow, and Almaty offices.




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